Engagement photography for Emma and Darren at Lake Vyrnwy, August 2011.

Engagement photography!

On Friday 12th August we met up to do some Engagement photography with Emma and Darren at Lake Vyrnwy in mid Wales.

I have never been there before and my breath was literally taken away at the landscape of this amazing place. I could not think of a more romantic, atmospheric beautiful place to have Engagement photography done.

Emma and Darren go there quite regularly and stay in the hotel (out of season when its a bit cheaper Emma pointed out!) and the spot they took us to was special to them.

It was so quiet and calm. It was really nice to spend some time with this lovely couple doing their Engagement photography, who booked us at the wedding fayre we did in Shrewsbury last year.

They signed on the dotted line there and then!

Actually Emma already knew Angela, who taught her how to drive (Anj doubles up as a driving instructor…another of her many talents!) The shoot went really well, and the weather held off for us until we had finished.

We actually watched the mountains behind the Lake become devoured by the rain clouds and knew then it was time to finish. Luckily we got all the shots we wanted during the Engagement photography shoot. And now its the very short countdown to their wedding which is our first of many in September! Read more

Engagement Photography with Tom and Rosie!

 Engagement Photography in Shropshire!

We were promoting our Engagement photography at a wedding fayre we attended last year at The Lord Hill in Shrewsbury, Where we met Tom and Rosie.

We had a little chat and just seemed to get on. There were other photographers at the fayre, but a few days later Tom and Rosie got back in contact with us, to attend and their wedding and take the all important wedding photographs. We were honored! And luckily we had our ‘free engagement shoot’ offer on so they were able to take us up on our deal, how lucky was that!

They decided on Moreton Corbett castle in Shawbury, near Shrewsbury as the location for the Engagement photography.
Unfortunately the day we initially arranged it on was a miserable, rainy grey day (sound familiar!)…so we had no choice but to postpone it until the following week, but Angela and I went over there anyway to do a ‘reccie’ and get some ideas. It was a pretty special place. Just the ruins of an old castle, seemingly in the middle of nowhere (except for a farm and farmhouse next door) and you can just go in and walk around. There was the odd sign around telling you what the rooms were originally, but its pretty untouched which was nice.

Luckily the actual engagement shoot with Angela the following week went ahead. And she got some fabulous shots of the happy couple! Now its just the countdown to the wedding in September!

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Engagement Photography Birmingham with Matt and Layla, Love shoot July 2011.

Engagement Photography Birmingham!

We met up to do an Engagement Photography shoot with Layla and Matt at Hotel du Vin in Birmingham city centre. The weather was atrocious, it rained and poured for pretty much the whole day! It was so lucky we had chosen a location that was indoors! Layla had decided that Hotel du vin was the best venue for the shoot, as it was here that Matt proposed. Its a gorgeous hotel which was once a victorian eye hospital. This place is amazing, Birmingham has some of the most beautiful architecture and this building is among the nicest. Once you walk through the glass doors you are greeted by a magnificent stone staircase that rises on two sides, a sheltered courtyard lies just beyond (handy really, as the weather was so bad!) Its all very posh and expensive looking and has also kept so much of its original features including a precarious looking lift!
We basically just made ourselves at home in the lobby and bar areas and Matt even managed to swindle a couple of free champagnes! We had a great afternoon, Matt and Layla were a brilliant and made our jobs easy!

Thanks guys for being so gorgeous and we can’t wait for your wedding in September! Its going to be amazing! (I am so excited to photograph the wedding, I won’t give anything away but its going to be stunning!)

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