Promotional Photography

Black Prince narrow boat holidays.

I have worked with Black Prince Boating Holidays, producing some promotional photography, quite a lot over the past few years. My hubby Dann Hanks  has produced a plethora of brochures, websites and other graphic design type stuff for them and he put them in touch with me to get some photos done.
Taking photos of boats is such good fun, not least because we usually get to take one out for a few days meaning we have a mini ‘busmans’ holiday!

So far we have been to Chirk, Acton Bridge, Central London and Bromsgrove.
There really is nothing like a boating holiday, its an exerience that stays with you forever and being able to do it so regularly has been amazing! And the kids absolutely LOVE it. Its a proper adventure!
The only thing I will say is that the ‘sea legs’ stay with you for a few days…shopping in a supermarket after you have been on a boat is a bit of a task (I worry that I look a bit tipsy!)