Wedding Photography Oxford

Shauna & Alistair

On Saturday the 19th April, I grabbed my gear and made my way down to Oxford for the wedding of Shauna and Alistair, at the magnificent Malmaison Oxford Castle. It is a former prison that has since been renovated into a fabulous hotel, still retaining some of the interesting features from its former incarnation.
I caught up with the girls as they were having their makeup lovingly attended to by Danielle Guiden MUA and their hair was being coiffed by Fay Smith of Hair Hostess.

While Debi, my second shooter, continued capturing the girls, I went to find Alistair to get a few pics with him and his guys. I was informed they were en route for the pub! So I followed them all there (never turn down a trip to the pub!) and cheekily plonked myself behind the bar to get some pics of the boys! Everyone was in high spirits and as usual, the morning flew by and all of a sudden it was time for the main event!

After the ceremony, we went outside into the beaming sunshine and while the guests tucked into their hors d’oeuvres, we carried on shooting away!
We stayed with the lovely couple into the night and had such a fab time capturing their special day!

Shauna & Alistair are now on their awesome round the world trip; Starting in the States, they moved on to French Polynesia and then to Oz!
(I’m not jealous…well, maybe a little)…(actually, a lot!)

Have a fab time guys and see you upon your return!